Mashroo3i competition consists of five phases

Registration & Shortlisting

After all applications & business ideas are submitted, team leaders will be requested to do a psychometric assessment evaluating their entrepreneurial personality traits. After that around 100 teams will be chosen based on the merits of their business idea and the team leader personality.

Registration Phase
1 April 2018 – 7 June 2018

“When we decided to participate in Mashroo3i, we knew that no matter what the results were, it was the first step in creating M Square design office. We’re proud to say that not winning the competition was not an obstacle; we walked out with experience, knowledge and the motivation to start. Two years after Mashroo3i and with the continuous support from Tamkeen, we were able to design to more than 50 happy clients.”

Masooma Haleem Ali kuroof
Msquare Design

Orientation Training Program and Pitches to Mentors

After their selection, the 100 teams selected will be invited for an Induction meeting where they will meet other teams and be briefed about the competition structure and the expected commitment throughout the competition.

An Orientation Training Program will then be arranged between 8th and 28th of July 2018 with the objective of equipping the candidates with the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and business planning. The training will then be followed with 2-hour coaching sessions for each team arranged between the 4th and 18th of August 2018 with the aim of helping them shape their business concepts.

After that, teams will be requested to attend an interview with a mentors panel who will be shortlisting 60 teams based on their performance, and will assist them in preparing their business plans during the next phase. The remaining teams are considered alternates and join Mashroo3i if another team drops out.

Induction Meeting
30 June 2018
Orientation Training
8 – 28 July 2018
Coaching Sessions
4 – 18 August 2018
Teams Interviews with Mentors
5 – 8 Sep 2018

Business Planning Mentorship & Presentation to Judges

Once the 60 teams are selected, the contestants will go through eight weeks of weekly mentorship sessions from 29th September 2018 – 17th November 2018, where they will develop their Business Plans with the assistance of their assigned mentor. There will be a number of guest speaker sessions arranged during this phase. Teams are expected to submit their final business plans by 18th November 2018, for the judging panel to evaluate. After that, teams will be requested to present their developed plans to the judging panel, which will then shortlist the best 30 teams entering the Prototype phase of the competition.

Business Planning Phase
29 Sep – 17 Nov 2018
Business Plans Submission
18 Nov 2018
Business Plans Presentation to Judges
5 & 6 Dec 2018

“Participating in Mashroo3i gave me valuable lessons in career building and personal growth. After we pitched our idea to the investors and picked our coach Abdulaziz bin Hindi, I started to have a better understanding of business and entrepreneurship. I learned from the competition that starting a business is not just an individual gain, rather a contribution to our local economy and community.”

Mohammed Hilal Abdulhusain
Msquare Design

Business Prototype & Public Exhibition

During this phase, the shortlisted teams will be provided with a budget to prepare their business prototype within a 6-week period from 12th January 2019 – 16th February 2019. The mentorship sessions will continue during this phase as well.

Teams will be working closely with suppliers, designers and production houses to prepare their prototype. This phase will be concluded with a 2-day public exhibition in an active shopping mall, where their performance and interaction with the public will be evaluated by the judging committee as well. The public will get a chance to vote for their preferred team during the exhibition as well.

Prototype Phase
12 Jan – 16 Feb 2019
Public Exhibition
1 & 2 Mar 2019

Final Awards

During this exciting moment in the competition, teams will pitch their business concept one last time at the event, where the judges and the audience will decide who goes home with one of the coveted Mashroo3i prizes. 3 place winners will be chosen, and category winners will be announced at an exciting event at the end of the competition. The event will be followed by a number of networking events to support the participants in their journey and way forward.

Final Awards
9 Mar 2019

“I consider my experience in Mashroo3i a key point in beginning my business, as it helped me convert my floating ideas to an actual business plan with clarity. I have gotten the opportunity to present my idea to the people and assess it within the market's need in addition to people's response to the idea. From the exhibitioning, I've gotten the chance to be of the first projects that actually got implemented after finishing Mashroo3i.”

Lateefa Khalid
Easy Ramps


to the qualified teams to the Business Planning phase of Mashroo3i

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